The Vagabonds are a 5 piece from Motherwell, well on their way to greatness with their recent release, “Wait For Me”.

The band released their second single just last week following on from the success of their debut single, “All I See”, and we expect that it will do just as well, if not better! Support the guys and listen to the single via the links below…

Apple Music>>      Spotify>>      iTunes>>


Whilst speaking to the band they gave us a little insight to how they got together and where their influences come from…

“We all got together towards the end of last year after playing in different bands beforehand. There are 5 of us, Konner, Russell, Mark, Jack and Oli and we’re all from Wishaw and Motherwell originally. We’re all influenced by a lot of different types of music, everything from the 1975 and Bruno Mars, to people like The Arctic Monkeys etc. We all have different styles of songwriting and all work really well together bouncing ideas off of one another. We like to experiment with different sounds and ideas, especially using loads of harmonies etc. We like to think we’re a big mix of different styles and haven’t resigned ourselves to a box, which I guess is good! “

To keep up to date with all the latest news on music and gigs with the Vagabonds, follow the links below to like and follow their Facebook and Twitter pages. Check out their brand new Instagram page to get loads of behind the scenes pictures and videos, and you can also find the guys on their official Bandcamp page to show your support!

Like Vagabonds on Facebook>>      Follow Vagabonds on Twitter>>

Support Vagabonds on Bandcamp>>       Follow Vagabonds on Instagram>>

Keep an eye on the Reviewzic Facebook page for upcoming gig details and releases from the guys too!


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