“Rock n roll is a void that’s missing in the music world right now, and we’re bringing it back with a vengeance!”

That’s what Magic Trik, a Scottish four piece heavy rock band, aims to do: take the new world of music by storm with old school rock n’ roll: blistering guitar solos, thundering drum fills, raw powerful bass licks, and vocals that express primal emotions and pull you into their songs.

Their vigorous live shows get their music and lyrics out to their fans in the best way possible. The songs are packed with energy and passion, and that comes across in the performance and gets the crowd fired up for more and more.

The band’s influences are a mix of different styles, as bassist Shaun Kilna states, “we work by bringing new ideas plucked from each member’s tastes and mix it together to create something new”. This gives the band a unique sound that still retains the old school blues-rock sound. In the words of guitarist Alek McMillan, “Within the bones of every song we create, there’s a blues heartbeat. That’s the secret to building up something new that’s innovative, but yet still retaining that old school sense of defiance”.


The band have been relentlessly playing shows and touring all over the UK, opening for acts such as Altered Sky and Speaking in Shadows. They have also headlined many of Glasgow’s famous venues such as the Garage, the Cathouse and the Classic Grand to name a few.

They released their debut EP “By the Stone” in July 2015 and have had great success with radio airplay all around the globe from America and Canada to Australia and the UK, as well as having been interviewed on Gerry Gallagher’s Wrock Radio in Los Angeles. Their EP has had very positive feedback, listen for yourself on their Soundcloud and Youtube channels via the links below!

By the Stone on Soundcloud>>

Official YouTube Channel>>

Magic Trik are all about getting their songs out to everyone willing to listen. Their lyrics jump out from their songs and scream to be heard. Their message? Life may knock you down and push you into the corner, but rock n’ roll can save your life!

The guys also spoke of a new EP coming our way later this year so keep your eyes peeled and get following them on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with all the latest news!

Like Magic Trik on Facebook>>

Follow Magic Trik on Twitter>>


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