Hailing from the city of Edinburgh, Oceancode is a four piece folk/pop band who started piecing together their sound in late 2016.

Wanting to take her music in a different direction, Ruth Gillies looked to start a band and release her music with a full outfit behind it. This came in the form of three close university friends: Toni McVey, Morgan Smith and Peter Wall.

They may have only got together in late 2016, but they have already released their first demo and no doubt have plenty more where this one came from! The band have just recently released the demo track “Amber Mile”, an awesome first release that really shows their Scottish roots with beautiful raw vocals. The track starts off simply with guitar and vocals, building to a catchy chorus that you’ll be sure to be singing for the rest of the day after listening! Head over to their Soundcloud page via the link below to have a listen!

Listen to Amber Mile on Soundcloud here>>


They guys have a gig coming up this Friday 24th March supporting NOAH NOAH at The Mash House in Edinburgh so make sure you head over to their Music Glue website to get your tickets by following the link below! You can also find out recent news, listings and sign up for their mailing list!

Oceancode’s Official Music Glue Site>>


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