Founded in 2015 in Edinburgh, 5 piece Terrestria are making their way into the local music scene with their recent release ‘Collide’, and creating a buzz in the process!

With rocking Indie vibes and crazy riffs, this debut release brings elegant composition, leaving the listener begging for more. With a calm and quiet start, the intro builds to a burst of  funky chords that accent the grooving melodies and are sure to get the crowds on their feet and dancing. This track ticks all the boxes and brings together everything expected of an alternative rock band.


Terrestria are clearly a band who know how to write a rock song, and we’re pretty certain that they will have more up their sleeves to follow up from ‘Collide’ and we can’t wait to hear it!

You can listen to Collide on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and on Soundcloud below, and read a little bit about how the guys got together and why they chose this single to release first…

Click here to go to Terrestria’s Souncloud Page and hear Collide!

Click here to go like and follow Terrestria on Facebook!

“We formed in late 2015 in Edinburgh. We’d all been in various bands over the years and knew each other from the local music community. Fraser provided the initial spark to the creation of the band, recording some instrumental demos that applied Jeff Buckley-esque chords to a heavier sound. The rest of the band were recruited swiftly, each adding their own element to the sound, which became both heavier and more textured musically, but with a very melodic approach to the vocals. With the lineup complete, we spent over a year locked away in practice rooms, honing the songs and the sound, until we were ready to release it to the world.

We chose Collide as our debut release because we feel it perfectly encapsulates our sound – weird chords, big riffs and memorable melodies. Not to mention the timeliness of the lyrical themes – dismay at our political leaders, the abuse of power and the urge to resist.”


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